What is AKI

Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industri (AKI) or the Industry Excellence Award was first introduced in 1991 by the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI). The award is an effort by the Government to recognize companies that have demonstrated excellence in their management practices, quality of products and services, as well as continuously provide greater value to their stakeholders. Over the years, the award went through numerous restructurings and the current structure of this award is a biennial event with refined categories and added benefits.

AKI Objectives

The Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industri (AKI) was established to promote excellence and to stimulate healthy and positive competition within the industry. The AKI showcases the achievements of outstanding businesses in the manufacturing and services sectors with the key objectives to:

  • Recognise the most outstanding companies in the manufacturing and services industries;
  • Recognise companies with business plans to increase value-added products or services; and
  • Recognise companies with best practices that render them as inspiring role models to other companies.

The winner of the Prime Minister's Award will be selected from among the winners of the various categories



For Multinational Companies from both manufacturing and services sectors ('Multinational' refers to a foreign-owned company and brand with operations in multiple geographical locations. Malaysian-owned companies operating in multiple geographical locations are also eligible to apply)


Recognition to a company that has successfully implemented Industry 4.0 technologies and processes

Recognition to a company that has set an exceptional example in complying with ESG aspects


*Subsidiaries of large companies may apply as separate entities if able to provide supporting documents to prove distinct organisational corporate identity as reflected in corporate literature

The AKI Assessors Committee is led by MITI and managed by the AKI Council appointed by MITI. The Council's Chairman is assisted by Council members comprising senior Government officials as well as captains of industry. See list of AKI Council. Refer to AKI Awards > AKI Council.

The Council first determines the selection criteria and award categories. The Assessors Committee evaluates the participating companies and shortlists the front-runners in every category. Based on the findings, the Assessors Committee will then recommend to the Council the shortlisted companies for each category. Lastly, the Council will select the winners after a final deliberation.

* Without prejudice and subject to change by Secretariat

The Business Excellence Framework (BEF) is a globally recognised comprehensive plan to ensure productivity, quality, and sustainability for any organisation. The BEF helps an organisation assess how well it is performing and helps identify improvement opportunities. The framework addresses the criteria of leadership, strategy, information, customers, workforce, process, and results as elements essential to sustain organisational performance. More than 83 countries have adopted BEF and used by 96 award administrators across the globe to promote organisational excellence. Among them are national awards in USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, European countries, and Latin American countries.

In Malaysia, the Malaysia Business Excellence Framework (MBEF), developed by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) is used in the evaluation of the AKI-participating organisation.


AKI Booklet 2024

Download our booklet for more information on AKI 2024, its incentives, processes, participation, terms and conditions and submission guidelines.

AKI 2024 FAQ

  • 1

    Can previous AKI winners participate in the current AKI cycle?

    Yes. All previous participants and award winners are invited to participate in the current AKI cycle, with the exception of the previous Prime Minister's Award winner, who must observe a cooling-off period of two years (from the date of the award ceremony) before participating in the next AKI cycle.

  • 2

    How are the AKI winners selected?

    The AKI 2024 uses the MBEF for evaluation based on the entries submitted by the participants. In addition, there are several stages before the evaluation panel recommends the shortlisted companies to the AKI 2024 council member for confirmation. Please refer to the AKI evaluation process.

  • 3

    What is the cost of participating in AKI 2024?

    There is no fee for participation.

  • 4

    Will support be offered to assist companies in completing their submission for AKI 2024?

    MITI will organise outreach sessions at MITI States' offices and MITI Tower throughout the application period. Please refer to the AKI 2024 > Outreach Schedule. In addition, participants can contact the AKI Secretariat if they have questions or need further assistance.

  • 5

    When will the results be announced?

    After confirmation by the AKI 2024 Council, the results will be announced during the AKI 2024 Award Dinner. However, the date of the dinner is at the discretion of the YAB Prime Minister and attendance is by invitation only. For more information, please contact us at akisec@miti.gov.my.


Here are some of the incentives awaiting winners.

Trophy for all winners

Cash prize

Free participation in exhibition and seminar

Loan application fee waiver and consideration of financing rate at 3% per annum by MIDF

Free training sessions and human capital development programme

Free promotions and publicity

More incentives can be found in the AKI 2024 booklet.

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